The Modern British Slave Trade

Did anybody watch Channel 4’s documentary  on The Modern British Slave Trade?

I did. And as not only as a recruiter but as a human being, I found it heart-breaking that in the 21st century, vulnerable and desperate people are still having this treatment inflicted on them. However, the harsh reality is, that it IS happening, not only the UK, but across the world and according to last night’s documentary, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry! It is OUR responsibility as Recruitment Agencies and Employers to ensure that enough is done to combat the issue, something that my fellow Hullian above, William Wilberforce, campaigned for his entire life.

At SureStaffing UK, we are proud to be working with the Gangmasters Licencing Authority, ALP and the Stronger Together initiative, aiming to reduce forced labour, trafficking and exploitation. To find out more on how you can learn to identify and assess whether someone is at risk, or if you want to find out what steps your labour provider has taken to ensure their workers are not at risk from illegal Gangmasters, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on  01482 629797 for free information and advice.

Hannah Blades – Senior Specialist Consultant